Along with a multitude of other devices, Lenovo introduced the Moto E6 Plus during IFA in Berlin this year. Since Moto series usually consist of at least three devices each generation, it comes as no surprise that the company is also planning to release a Moto E6 Play. Press images have leaked today courtesy of Dutch tech publication Mobielkopen, and they reveal almost everything about the phone.

The E6 Play's back doesn't look too different from the E6 Plus', which makes sense since they're in the same family of devices. The most obvious difference between the two is the horizontally arranged single camera lens and flash on the Play, forgoing the vertical dual-camera layout of the Plus. Other than that, the Play seems to sport the same glossy plastic finish we've seen on its sibling, though it looks like it will only be available in black and blue. It might come with a fingerprint reader inside the Moto logo, too, but we can't tell from these images.

The phone has rather chunky bezels on the front with slightly rounded corners (no notch in sight), but since it's a budget device, that can be forgiven. The Micro-USB port on the bottom is also understandable, if not ideal. From the looks of it, it could be an 18:9 display, but we'll have to wait for full specs to know for sure. Since there's no image of the top of the device, it's also possible that there's a headphone jack hiding there.

Apart from what we can see here, we don't know much about the Moto E6 Play just yet. That should change on October 24 when the device will likely be presented alongside the G8 at an event in Brazil.