Google Voice is quite a convenient service letting you call and text internationally for cheap. It's even a proper phone line replacement for some. There's one thing that we've been waiting for the service to implement forever, though: using your voice to initiate a ... Voice call. That's changing, but only if you have an iPhone or an iPad: In a collective slap in the faces of Android and Nest users, you can now talk to Siri to make calls or send text messages through Google's service.

After activating "Use with Siri" in Google Voice's iOS Settings screen, you can start using Apple's assistant with the service by saying phrases such as "Hey Siri, call John on Google Voice" or "Hey Siri, send a message using Google Voice."

We don't know why it took Google that long to implement this relatively basic feature, and we're wondering why it's taking it even longer to add it to its own Assistant. Either way, let's hope the company figures it out soon. At least it's already possible to read and answer Voice messages on Android.

Google Voice
Google Voice
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