At the recent Made by Google event, Google shared a bit more information about its Stadia gaming platform. One of the most burning questions people had in their minds was exactly which phone models would be supported on November 19th, the service's official launch date. So far Google has only talked about Stadia supporting Pixel 3 and 3a devices. We might have assumed that would extend to the new Pixel 4, and now Google has confirmed not only that much, but that Stadia will also be compatible with Pixel 2 phones.

Google already announced Stadia support for multiple types of devices, such as the Chromecast Ultra connected to a TV, a PC with a recent version of the Chrome browser, certain Chromebooks, and now, also several generations of the Pixel phone. For the most optimal experience, Google recommends at least a 10Mbps internet connection and the Stadia controller.

If you own the first-gen quad-core Pixel phone from 2016 and was hoping for Stadia support, then it seems like you're out of luck. If Google surprises everyone with support for the aging Pixel 1, however doubtful, we'll update this post.