Shrinking a two-step process to a single step may not seem like much, but it sure feels a lot quicker. This could be why apps like Alfred, a macOS software to jump to navigate straight from the text box, are so popular. Google seems to have understood this last year when it started using the .new domain to allow creating new Google Docs in a single step. Now, you can also jump to a new Google Keep note by simply typing '' into the address bar of your browser of choice.

As long as you're already logged into a Google account, this shortcut pops open a new Google Keep note. Along with '', this also works with '' and ''. This worked on both my PC and Android smartphone — though I was hoping the Google Keep app would pop open on my phone rather than the web interface, this wasn't the case.

Here's a recap of the other .new shortcuts Google has enabled:

  • Google Docs:,, or
  • Google Sheets:,, or
  • Google Slides:,,, or
  • Google Forms: or
  • Google Sites:,, or