The award-winning Ustwo Studios is well known for the hit Escher-inspired game Monument Valley, and now Google has enlisted the developer to help show off the Pixel 4's new Motion Sense quick gestures. In Headed South, you play as a bird trying to flock with others while flying through brightly-colored worlds. There's only one problem I've found so far: it doesn't work.

When I fired up the other Motion Sense game tie-in Pokémon Wave Hello, it prompted me to update the Motion Sense Bridge app so I'd be able to use quick gestures to pet Pikachu. While they then worked in that game, they still don't in Headed South, so I'm not sure quite what the problem is. The gestures are working in other apps on my Pixel 4, such as Play Music, so Ustwo will need to look into why their game isn't playing ball.

I'm excited for when it does work, however, as it's a pretty cute little experience from the opening scenes. The protagonist is a bird ingeniously named Soli, after the radar chip that enables Pixel 4's Motion Sense capabilities. You begin the game using touch to fly from side to side. Then, another bird enters the fray, with your task being to get in its slipstream and chase after it. To do so, you need to 'Quick Gesture over your phone' for a speed boost, but this is where the fun ends as Motion Sense fails to recognize my frenzied hand waving.

When the game is working properly, I'll update this post to let you know about it. In the meantime, I'm going to go splash some water at Sobble or play a stick game with Grookey — you'll have to play Pokémon Wave Hello to know what I'm talking about, or check out Stephen's Motion Sense post to find out more.

You can download both games from the Play Store (region dependent) or from APK Mirror via the links below:

Motion Sense controls now working

After speaking to developer Ustwo, I've now got the game working properly. It seems there's a bug with this early version of Headed South that causes it not to work if you have any other Motion Sense-heavy apps open at the same time. Closing Pokémon Wave Hello and disabling the wallpaper that came with it is the advice I was given, with a restart providing an equivalent solution.

Now I've had a chance to sample the game with the intended quick gestures, it's just okay. It doesn't run super smoothly, nor is the gameplay on a par with Ustwo's previous games. It's a bit of fun though, with pretty enough graphics and some nice music — just expect to get bored after the first couple of levels.

Headed South
Headed South
Developer: ustwo Studios
Price: Free

Pokémon Wave Hello
Pokémon Wave Hello