Configuring smart home devices can be a royal pain, and adding them to Google Assistant can be yet another hurdle. Google streamlined the process with the C by GE smart bulbs, and now that same setup process appears to be live for more smart bulbs, including Philips Hue and Sylvania Smart+. It won't work for all the bulbs sold under those brands, though.

The quick setup process was one of the things we liked most about the C by GE bulbs. They connected directly to Google Home devices via Bluetooth for setup and control, so they talked to Assistant without any additional steps. As of a few weeks ago, the Hue and Sylvania bulbs began appearing in the Google Home "Nearby devices" setup list as well.

The seamless setup requires Bluetooth, so it only works with Philips newer Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs. You can't link them to the dedicated Hue Zigbee hub if you want to use the Google Home setup. Similarly, Sylvania has both Bluetooth and Zigbee versions of its bulb. You'll want the BT version for easier setup and control with Google.

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