Monolisk recently arrived on the Play Store as a pre-registration release, and I couldn't help but notice how good it looks, which is why I'm writing this very article. The game is described as a fantasy mobile ARPG, CCG, and dungeon builder, all wrapped up in a single package, which sounds interesting enough, but clearly, the art design takes center stage here.

The trailer above should provide a good idea of what to expect from Monolisk. It's an isometric dungeon crawler where you'll dive into gorgeous handcrafted dungeons to collect cards that can be used to customize your playstyle, and you can even create your own cards for further customization. On top of this, you can expect a level editor that should provide an endless amount of fun for those that wish to share their creations. Going on this info alone, Monolisk sounds and looks like an exciting game that's coming soon to Android with the official release arriving next month. If you'd like to check out the full feature list, I've pasted it below.

* Clear heaps of dungeons in an online hack 'n' slash RPG
* Collect cards with equipment, abilities, creatures and environments
* Customize your 5 heroes with various playstyles
* Design unique levels for your friends and followers
* Craft new cards and expand your collection
* Tell your own stories
* Help others rebuild the shattered world of MONOLISK!

Since Monolisk is a brand-new listing on the Play Store, details are still light. We do know the game will be free-to-play and that it will include in-app purchases, though it's still unknown how high those IAPs will range. The card collection aspect has me a little worried that IAPs could be abused, but I guess we'll just have to wait for the official release to see how it turns out.

All in all I'd say Monolisk looks rather interesting with the way you collect cards to equip your heroes, and the art is definitely a big draw, though I'm still going to reserve judgment until I get my hands on the title, because as we all know the use of in-app purchases can make or break a game. It's my hope that developer of Monolisk keeps things fair, so if you're in the same camp, feel free to pre-register for the title through the Play Store widget below.

Press Release

Imagine an Action RPG fused with both a CCG and Mario Maker!

MONOLISK is a fantasy mobile ARPG where players clear dungeons (we call them “Shards”) with one of five customizable heroes, collect cards with loot, creatures and environments, then build their own Shards for other players to explore. MONOLISK is a world that was shattered into pieces and players have the opportunity to recreate it and fill it with their own stories.



What separates MONOLISK from other games is that your ultimate goal is not to prevent visitors from beating/finishing your Shards, but to build interesting levels for others to play and enjoy. Everyone who finishes your Shard gives you a stars rating, with more stars earning greater rewards for the creator.

More than just a game, we also see it as a social platform where you can build for your friends and followers, as well as play and comment on their creations. For example, you can play Shards made by your favorite YouTuber, search for Shards made by friends, or simply pick a suitable level from the game’s database and follow the creators you like.

We've spent over 3 Years developing our in-game editor and refining item/ability combinations in order to deliver a unique gaming experience. There are currently 300 cards to collect, offering 15 distinct hero play-styles and 15 environment sets for Shards. We're not stopping there though - the amount of content we plan to add into the game is enormous.

The game is free-to-download and offer purchasable card packs.

MONOLISK is developed by Trickster Arts – as we sometimes say with a smile, “a two man army” located in Prague, Czech Republic. Only the audio - including extraordinary soundtrack - was made externally. Our previous project Hackers reached 8M downloads, was featured by both Apple and Google and we believe that MONOLISK has the potential to be even more successful.

Monolisk will be released globally on October 15th

Thanks to a blog post published this morning on the official Monolisk website, it's now clear that the isometric dungeon crawler will be released globally on the Play Store on October 15th. The title has been in development for four years, and after a four-month beta period, it would appear that the game is ready for prime time. Two weeks ago we learned that Monolisk was available for pre-registration on the Play Store, which usually means we are nearing an official release, and now that the release date is known, it looks like we only have two more weeks to wait. This does not mean that development for the title is over, especially since plenty of new features are planned for the future, which should be added continuously as the game is updated past its official release.

Monolisk is officially available on the Play Store

As promised, Monolisk has officially arrived on the Play Store. This is a fantasy hack and slash RPG where players clear dungeons with one of five customizable heroes, and there's also a card-based dungeon building mechanic where players can share their creations, which is the ultimate goal of the game. It's as if the dev mixed Mario Maker with a dungeon crawler that contains card-based mechanics, which amazingly works rather well. One thing to keep in mind is that there is currently no story mode, and it would appear that beta progress has not been wiped, so there will be players at a much higher rank than those just starting out. Luckily a story mode is planned for the future, so at least it looks like the devs are dedicated to the development of the game past its official release. All in all, this is a competent dungeon crawler that contains unique gameplay that isn't pay-to-win, so while the in-app purchases may range up to $69.99, they're hardly necessary to enjoy the game.