The Lenovo Smart Clock is more or less a Google Home Mini with a screen and some added alarm functionality. It's a decent little device, but the initial price of $80 was somewhat ridiculous especially when you could buy a Google Nest Hub for even less. Just a month after its release, the Smart Clock has now dropped to $59.99.

You can read our full review here, but long story short, the Lenovo Smart Clock is functionally somewhere between a Home Mini and a full-blown Assistant smart display. It can answer questions, control smart home devices, stream music, and set alarms. However, it lacks most smart display-specific features, like video playback and the Home View dashboard.

Left: Lenovo Smart Clock; Right: Google Nest Hub

You can buy the Lenovo Smart Clock from the link below. Walmart appears to be the only retailer that has dropped the price this significantly, but we'll keep an eye out for other deals.

The price is back, and at more retailers. You can grab a Smart Clock for $60 from Lenovo, Best Buy, and Amazon right now.