If you'd like to start keeping an eye out on your front porch for package deliveries and strangers in 4K clarity, day or night, both Best Buy and Amazon have the Arlo Ultra wire-free 4K camera system on sale. It normally sells for $400, but it's available today for $363 ($37 off).

The Arlo Ultra camera and hub come with some nice specs and features: 180° 4K & HDR recording, color night vision with an integrated spotlight, outdoor weather resistance, rechargeable and user-replaceable batteries, and the Arlo Smart detection and notification system. When we reviewed it in June, we said it was a good security system with a bad price, but now the price isn't as much of an issue.

At $363, it's still quite expensive but certainly more attractive. If you're a Prime member, Amazon can deliver to you the same camera and hub configuration for the same price, likely with faster shipping.

If you can't wait for Black Friday deals and need to start monitoring your home or business now, then go check out the Best Buy and Amazon links below.