Google Home and Nest have been growing together ever since the company started merging the two brands, most evident by the option to move your Nest account over to Google. With this in mind, the company has teased a forthcoming addition to the Home app for Nest Aware subscribers: A Home Feed will show you all notifications and events from your Nest devices in an organized fashion.

The Feed will help you find out about everything that happened at your home while you're out and about. Google says it will show you events from your Nest cameras, sounds detected by your speakers or displays, and notify you about Nest Wifi outages. Tapping on specific events will let you view or listen to whatever your devices recorded.

You can use the Home Feed both to recap a day's recent events in your home, but you can also check it for specific incidents. It's launching early next year and will probably become available alongside the new Nest Aware plans.

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