The development of the MMO crafting game Durango: Wild Lands was a lengthy one, with many delays and hiccups along the way. Back in May, the game finally arrived on Android as a finished product, but I guess things haven't been going well since the developers have announced that the title will be shut down on December 18th. Sometime today, all in-app purchases will be removed, and the final story for the game is currently in preparation, so it looks like development will continue until December despite the lack of IAPs.

The above Facebook post notes the termination schedule for Durango: Wild Lands. We can expect all in-app purchases to be removed today, and the entire game will go offline on December 18th. Official forums will also be closed on the 18th. In an earlier Facebook post, the developers explain that it's with a heavy heart that they had to make this decision, but of course, leave out any real explanations. My guess is that the game wasn't earning, and since it's an MMO, it's probably difficult to afford frequent updates if the player base isn't large enough to keep the game afloat. What's crazy is that the title is only five months old, and when coupled with the known problems during development, it would seem the writing was on the wall even before the game was released.

So yeah, if you're big into Durango: Wild Lands, this is sad news, though it's nice to know the devs will continue development past the recent announcements of the scheduled shutdown. Not only is a final chapter expected, new PvP content, and balance tweaks (that should allow for easier play so everyone can experience the majority of content before it's gone) are coming soon. This should alleviate any issues with the current balancing that's connected to the game's many IAPs, which actually has me interested in revisiting the game. It's a bittersweet situation, but as a gamer who despises heavy monetization, I'm probably going to take advantage while I can.

Durango: Wild Lands
Durango: Wild Lands
Developer: NEXON Company
Price: Free