The Pixel 4 is finally here! If all the leaks spoiling nearly every aspect of the phone dampened your excitement, Spigen's fresh new lineup of accessories for the phone might change that. No matter what feature of the Pixel 4 has you the most excited, Spigen's collection for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL has something for everyone.

Ultra Hybrid case

First up is the Ultra Hybrid, Spigen's best-selling case, featuring a clear back with a black bumper around the sides. The version for the Pixel 4 comes with a twist — the button is user-replacable for that extra level of customization. A white button comes as the default, with an extra coral-colored button included in the box.

Tough Armor and Thin Fit cases

Two more of Spigen's popular cases have also arrived for the Pixel 4: the Tough Armor and Thin Fit. The Tough Armor has the best drop protection, with an extra layer of impact-absorbing foam and a kickstand. If you are looking for a more minimal style, Spigen's Thin Fit case has been redesigned for the Pixel 4 to offer full-body coverage, so it can protect your Pixel 4 from every angle.

Neo Hybrid and Rugged Armor cases

If you're looking for cases with more detailed and varied designs, Spigen has also made its Neo Hybrid and Rugged Armor cases available for the Pixel 4. The Neo Hybrid gives you a detailed grip design with bumper protection, with an extra bump around the camera cutout, so the Pixel 4's best feature is protected just like the rest of the phone. Meanwhile, the Rugged Armor has a sleek auto-inspired design, with an engraved diagonal grip pattern. This updated look gives you an enhanced grip with detailing that is all-new for Spigen's Rugged Armor line.

No matter what case you get (or if you're crazy, and don't want a case at all), Spigen also has several wireless chargers available. Why pay $80 for the Pixel Stand when Spigen has more affordable flat and standing chargers?

Google went creative this year with the Pixel 4's color and design options, and Spigen is stepping up its game in turn. You can elevate and show off your Pixel 4 with the Ultra Hybrid, keep it timeless with Neo Hybrid, Rugged Armor, and Thin Fit, and take your phone anywhere with guaranteed protection from the Tough Armor. Check out Spigen’s new eye-catching lineup collection for Pixel 4and Pixel 4 XL now.

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