The Pixelbook Go isn't exactly cheap with a starting price of $649, and it can get way, way more expensive than that. The highest-spec model, which has a Core i7 processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM, costs a whopping $1,399 — and it's the only SKU that comes with a 4K display.

A Google representative at the company's New York hardware event confirmed to Android Police that only the priciest Pixelbook Go will include a UHD panel. Chromebooks get to be a tough sell for general audiences as they approach four-figure price tags, and it doesn't seem likely many customers will be willing to shell out $1,400 plus tax to get one with a fancy screen.

The 1080p display on less expensive configurations is all the more grating in light of the Pixel Slate's excellent 2000p screen that, despite the device's many flaws, is available on even the base configuration, starting at $799. Similarly, the original Pixelbook sported a 1600p panel at every trim level. At 13.3 inches, the Pixelbook Go's screen surely won't look bad in full HD, and the compromise is arguably justifiable at $649 — but it's a shame $849 or even $999 won't buy you any extra pixels.