Google just announced the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, and to try to incentivize early adoption, it's running some decent promotions: US orders placed through October 26 will include $100 to spend on the Google Store. Buyers in other countries are eligible for bonuses, too, like free Nest Hubs or Google Homes.

For US buyers, the credit will arrive via an email within eight weeks of your order and can be applied to "eligible items" on the Google Store. A hundred bucks is enough to nab an overpriced fabric case or wireless charger with change to spare. But if you were thinking of waiting and applying the credit to the upcoming true wireless Pixel Buds, some bad news: it expires at the end of January 2020, before the buds will be available.

Other countries will see different pre-order bonuses, including:

A similar promotion was offered during the release window of the Pixel 3a earlier this year.

Combined with the 10 percent back offer for certain Google One subscribers, buying a Pixel 4 early is pretty tempting — but it's hard to forget the wild promotions Google ran on the Pixel 3 starting just weeks after its launch last year.