We first caught wind of Google's new Recorder app in a major software leak at the start of October, and now this upcoming feature is ready for launch. On stage at Made by Google 2019, Vice President of Product Management, Sabrina Ellis, showed us that the new Recorder app is more than just an audio note taker.

Unlike basic voice recording applications that simply make and store audio files for safekeeping, Recorder is instilled with Google's AI savvy. With Recorder, all stored audio files can be transcribed into text – complete with proper punctuation and formatting – in real-time. Even better, this live transcription technology doesn't require a data connection with Google's servers; all transcription is handled on-device. Since each recording is converted into text, searching for a specific audio file can be as easy as typing in a sound you made, a word you said, or a phrase you used in any of the stored files. Recorder's live transcription feature will be available in English at launch with more languages to come soon.

If you'd like to try out the Recorder app before it's officially available, you can download it from APK Mirror here. Keep in mind that this is an early leaked build, and not all features may be active.