Most of today's news has revolved around the new products added to the Google Store. However, Google has removed several older products, as well. These include the Daydream View VR headset, the Google Clips camera, and the first generation of Pixel Buds. Store listings for these devices are no longer visible without a direct link. If you attempt to access the Google Store pages for these products directly, you'll find a "no longer available" message that has replaced the purchase option.

The removal of these seemingly forgotten products should come as little surprise. Our review found the original Pixel Buds to be a bit of a disappointment, citing design, audio quality, and comfort issues. While the Pixel Buds will be receiving a significant update next year, there was no mention of a successor to either the Daydream View or the Google Clips at today's event.

You shouldn't hold your breath for that. Daydream VR is all but abandoned at this point — several recent flagships including the new Note 10 don't support it — and Clips always seemed like a fun and experimental side-project for Google.

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