One of the long-running complaints about the Google Home Mini is the lack of stereo pairing, where one speaker could act as the left audio channel and another could be the right channel. Though Google hasn't widely publicized the feature, the updated Nest Mini apparently supports stereo pairing.

Variety mentioned in its coverage of today's hardware announcements that two Nest Minis can be paired together for stereo sound. Google didn't mention this on stage, or in any of the materials sent to us prior to the public announcement, but the company did confirm the feature when we reached out for comment.

As Google's smart speakers have become more advanced from a software perspective, the lack of stereo pairing functionality has become even stranger of an omission. Not only has the Echo Dot (the Home Mini's main competition) supported stereo pairing for years, but the feature is also available on the Apple HomePod, various Sonos speakers, the Google Home Max, and even the Assistant-powered Insignia speakers (which are sadly now discontinued).

There's no word yet on if this feature will also roll out to existing Home Minis. It's possible stereo pairing requires more responsive hardware that the original Mini lacks, but we'll have to wait to know for sure.