The recently announced Nest Mini appears to be an improvement on its predecessor, the Google Home Mini, in almost every way. Audio quality, Assistant response time, and the inclusion of a wall-mounting slot are all welcome additions. One of the most exciting changes, however, might be the restoration of a forgotten feature: the capacitive play/pause button that was included and subsequently disabled on the Google Home Mini has returned on the Nest Mini.

Our very own Artem discovered a pre-launch Home Mini was randomly recording thousands of times per day. Google quickly replaced the malfunctioning device and resolved the issue by permanently disabling top touch functionality on all Minis going forward via a firmware update. Google appears confident that it has solved the underlying problem, as it has confirmed that the Nest Mini will ship with three fully functional touch controls. As an added precaution, though, the play/pause button no longer has the ability to activate the Google Assistant, limiting errant recordings in the event of a similar malfunction.

Artem is excited.