Google hasn't only presented new hardware during the Made by Google event this year. It also took the stage to announce substantial changes to Nest subscriptions. There are two tiers now: 'Nest Aware' and 'Nest Aware Plus' going for $6 and $12 respectively, coming early 2020 to the same locations the current subscription is available in.

Both tiers cover all devices in your home. Nest Aware only stores event video history for 30 days, while Plus lets you view events that happened up to 60 days ago. The more expensive subscription also gives you a 10-day 24/7 video history, which allows you to view everything your camera recorded, even if it doesn't deem it important.

There were three plans previously and only the most expensive $30 subscription let you see 30 days of history. The others offered 5 and 10 days, respectively. The new $6 subscription only allows you to view event videos, so while the timeframe has been extended, you lose the full history. At least you can still access 10 days' worth of videos with the $12 tier, which should suffice for most people. We also don't know if you'll be able to subscribe on a yearly basis going forward to save money.

Additionally, Nest Mini and Nest Hub can now function as your ears when you're on vacation and will alert you when they hear suspicious noises in your home.

Yearly subscriptions

As it turns out, you can also subscribe to Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus on a yearly basis for $60 and $120 respectively, saving you quite some money.