You've been able to save passwords in Google Chrome for a long time and you could use an extension or Google's checkup website to see if any of these credentials have ever been leaked. A native option for Chrome on Android has been lacking so far, but as we've discovered before, it's already in the works, and we can report that there's progress. The beta version now lets you go ahead and activate the feature.

To start using the password leak detector, head to chrome://flags and search for 'password leak detection.' Enable this flag, restart your browser, and you should see a new toggle labeled 'Check password safety' in Settings > Passwords, activated by default. This should automatically notify you if any credentials you're using have been part of a data breach. For some people using the Canary version, the feature is already showing up without manually toggling the flag.

After enabling the flag, you'll find a 'Check password safety' entry in Settings.

So far, we haven't managed to receive a warning after enabling the flag, which is rather odd. I intentionally left a leaked password of mine in Google's password manager, but the company neither recognizes it through the enabled flag nor through the regular password checkup on its website, so the question remains which databases it uses and how up to date they are. Either way, Firefox Monitor remains my go-to solution.

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