Anker's lineup of adorably-small PowerPort wall chargers have been excellent options for anyone sick of carrying bulky power adapters for laptops and other large devices. Now you can get the PowerPort Atom PD 2, which offers two Type-C ports, for just $43.99 from Woot. That's a savings of $11 from the usual price of $54.99.

The Atom PD 2 is a wall adapter, roughly the size and shape of a stock Apple wall charger, with two USB Type-C ports. You can charge one device at a maximum of 60W (which is enough for most ultrabooks, phones, tablets, Nintendo Switch consoles, etc.), or two devices at a maximum of 30W. In other words, you could carry this (and a Type-C cable, not included) instead of the bulky wall charger with a brick in the middle that probably came with your ultrabook.

We reviewed the PD 2 earlier this year, and while the charger did perform exactly as advertised, device compatibility was a bit of an issue. Here's what Ryne had to say in the review:

Among the less scientific parts of our testing suite is device compatibility with the gadgets we have on hand, and usually I go out of my way to test power accessories with Google's Pixelbook, since it's a notoriously picky device. The PowerPort Atom PD 2 occasionally refused to work with the Chromebook, or it would settle on odd, low voltages even when the Pixelbook was nearly out of power. Behavior like that can be an indicator that in some small way the charger is operating unusually or out of spec. Most other devices, such as my MacBook Pro and phones, worked better, though even they would oddly oscillate in amperage at times.

While I haven't personally tried the exact charger on sale, I did buy the similar PowerPort Atom III (which has one USB Type-C and one USB Type-A) to replace my Dell XPS 13 wall charger, and it has worked very well for me.

You can buy the charger from Woot (a store owned by Amazon) at the link below. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free.