There are certain online retailers that don't keep secrets well. Best Buy Canada already slipped up by posting its Pixel 4 pre-order page several days ahead of the official announcement, but then took the page down shortly after. Not to be left out of the fun, Carphone Warehouse, is unintentionally serving the product page for the Pixel 4.

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Unlike Best Buy Canada, it looks like Carphone Warehouse didn't mean to make the page public yet. If you attempt to load this url, you may be redirected to the standard sign-up form first. However, attempt to load the page a few times (with the original url) and it will display the intended page instead of redirecting. This page doesn't seem to finish loading some of the elements, which continually show a perpetual spinner animation.

The product listing is nearly identical to that of the Best Buy Canada page, but does include a couple key differences. First, there is an extra block describing the enhanced capabilities of Night Sight with a link to In exchange, this page lacks the advertisement for free photo backups with Google Photos.

The changes continue in the product comparison section. Best Buy Canada only highlighted two colors: Black and White, but Carphone Warehouse also includes the Orange color that we know to be coming. And while it's not particularly significant to the Pixel 4, it's interesting that Best Buy chose to compare the Pixel 4 against last year's Pixel 3 XL while Carphone Warehouse put the new phones head-to-head with the more budget-oriented Pixel 3a line.

The page doesn't currently include any accessories, prices, plans, or most of the other stuff that would normally appear, and naturally, there's no way to order yet. This page adds a little more detail for what we can expect to be highlights on stage at tomorrow's event — not that we didn't know already.

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