Another new week, another collection of deals. Today, you'll find a repeat of a great price on the Google Nest Hub, a sizeable discount on the Eufy Video Doorbell, and some cheap charging accessories.

Google Nest Hub: $58 ($71 off)

  • Google Nest Hub — $57.99, $71.01 off (Rakuten)

At $58, the smaller Google Nest Hub is an absolute no-brainer. Its screen makes a great digital photo frame, and visuals can add real value to Assistant responses (seeing the day's forecast broken down by the hour is more useful than the current and high temperatures, for example). We've seen this price before, but it's still fantastic. You'll need a Rakuten account to take advantage, but they're free and easy to set up. Enter coupon code GG10 at checkout.

Eufy Wi-Fi Video Doorbell: $110 ($50 off)

  • Eufy Wi-Fi Video Doorbell — $109.99 with coupon, $50 off (Amazon)

Anker's Eufy Video Doorbell does all the stuff you'd expect a connected doorbell to do: livestreams on your phone, two-way speaker, all that jazz. It also lets you store footage locally, which cuts out the need for a monthly storage plan. At $160, it's already a good deal relative to similar devices, but for $50 off, it's excellent. Enter coupon code DBEUFY88 to save.

Fire TV Stick 4K: $35 ($15 off)

  • Fire TV Stick 4K — $34.99, $15 off (Amazon)

Amazon's Fire TV sticks are a cheap and easy way to replace the garbage apps that came on your smart TV. The Fire Stick 4K, if you couldn't guess by its name, outputs 4K video, and you can grab one for the impulse-friendly price of $35 on Amazon today, $15 less than usual.

Aukey USB-A-to-USB-C cable five-pack: $12 ($5 off)

  • Aukey USB-A-to-USB-C cable five-pack — $11.99 with on-page coupon, $5 off (Amazon)

By this point, it's likely all your stuff charges with USB-C. That's great, but it also means your chargers are seeing a lot of traffic. Spread your top-ups out with some extra cables from Aukey. A set of five of the company's USB-A-to-USB-C cables will normally run you $17 on Amazon, but with an on-page coupon, you can get it for $12 right now. They come in varying lengths and can charge at five amps.

Apple 30W USB-C charger: $35 ($8 off)

  • Apple 30W USB-C charger — $34.99 with coupon, $8.01 off (Amazon)

We've all got our opinions on Apple, but it's hard to deny that its hardware is high quality. If you've got yourself a newer MacBook and want a second charger for it (or you're just in the market for a nice general-purpose charger), Apple's 30-watt USB-C charger is down to $35 on Amazon, $8 down from its usual $43. It'll charge any USB-C-compatible device, not just MacBooks. You'll need your own USB-C-to-USB-C cable, though.