Google has been known to give away free Home Minis from time to time, and as we approach the release of a new model, it's not slowing down. Users of YouTube Premium and the Google Assistant are reporting that Google is offering them free Home Minis just for using Google services.

Users are asked to pay for shipping, but other than that, there seem to be no strings attached. The offers come as we're just days away from Google's annual hardware event where the company is expected to unveil a revised Home Mini under the Nest brand.

Of course, these freebies aren't charity. For one, Google likely has a ton of Home Minis to get rid of before the new model launches; the device seems to have always been overproduced, given how frequently it's been available for free or at a discount. More users talking to the Assistant also helps Google train its voice recognition models. Still, free stuff is free stuff, so keep an eye out when you're using Google services. You might just get lucky.

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