Everyone already knows about the Galaxy Note 10. It’s a flagship device for Samsung and boasts a flagship price of $950. Spring for the bigger Note 10+, and that price goes up to $1099. However, it now looks like an affordable mid-range Note might be in the works.

The current generation of Galaxy Note phones have model numbers that start with SM-N9xx. This new, cheaper Note allegedly sports the model number SM-N770F, leading us to believe that this is a similar — but less powerful — Galaxy Note. It’s also worth pointing out that the same thing is happening with the new Galaxy Fold, a phone that is currently suffering from mixed reviews and an astronomical price point. Not only that, but Samsung has set a precedent for releasing mid-range Note phones back when it launched the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in 2014. That phone had model number SM-N750F.

We don't have any specifics about this supposed mid-range device like the specs, price, or release date. However, early reports are that the phone will launch with two color options — red and black. Reports also claim that the device will be heading to Europe first, with no indication of a release outside of the region.

SamMobile is now reporting that this cheaper Note variant will be called the Note 10 Lite. Everything else is still unknown about it.