Mere days after Google Fit crossed a major download milestone (and took its sweet time doing it), another more popular Google app has accomplished the same feat in less than half the time. Google Lens, the visual search engine that lets users summon information about the world around them by taking photos or screenshots, has officially joined the 50-million downloads club.

Google Lens was first revealed to the public at I/O 2017 as an exclusive feature for Pixel devices. Five months later, Lens was released as a standalone application for Android handsets running Marshmallow or higher, and Lens even made its way to iOS users via the Google Photos app.

Although Lens can do things like read restaurant menus and calculate bill tips, you don't actually need the app to take advantage of its features. An active Lens icon can be found hanging out in Assistant, the Google Photos and Pixel camera apps, and even the native Google app screenshot editor. Despite its omnipresence, users haven't been deterred from downloading the standalone Lens app more than 50 million times in just 16 months.

Google Lens
Google Lens
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free