As longer autumn nights rob precious sunlight from the morning and evening hours, you’re going to need a way to brighten up your yard, driveway, or outdoor walk spaces before and after work. A floodlight can help you take back the night, and we've got you covered. This limited-time deal from Eufy slashes $50 off your purchase of a smart floodlight with camera, now only $150.

Floodlights are great for extending a bit of light to dim days and even darker nights, especially if you live on a secluded street corner or in a suburban area. Floodlights are even better when they have some brains to go along with their brawn.

The Eufy smart floodlight connects to your phone through the Eufy Home app and also supports Google Assistant and Alexa voice commands. The app can also be used to tune the brightness of the Eufy's 2500 lumens motion-activated bulbs, as well as send alerts to your device if an unexpected intruder stalks into your yard. Since the Eufy smart floodlight also integrates a built-in 1080p camera, you can record any suspicious events and save them for later.

You can purchase your own Eufy smart floodlight with camera for $150 ($50 off) by following the link at the bottom of this page and redeeming this code: NEWLIGHT. This offer is only valid through the end of October 13, and quantities are limited.