Authy is one of the better known two-factor authentication apps out there, but there's one thing a lot of its users gripe with: Only a limited amount of pre-defined icons for accounts exist, leaving many smaller (and even bigger) services without proper visual identification. That's about to change as the latest beta of Authy, v24, lets you search for the right logo in an extensive database.

You can edit the logo in Authy v24 by searching for the correct one in a database provided by the app.

The beta revamps the interface that previously allowed you to choose a logo from a small list of pre-defined services and generic icons. Instead of this list, you'll now see a search bar that helps you find the correct visuals for your account. The underlying database is much bigger than the old list, and our own Artem Russakovskii reports that he added the correct logos to more than a dozen accounts that used to be stuck on generic icons. Sadly, cross-device sync doesn't seem to work for these logos yet, but this is a beta, so it this might come at a later stage of development.

Previous versions only let you choose a logo from a small pool of preset services and generic icons.

You can get the beta by signing up for it over at the Play Store or by downloading it from APK Mirror.

What's new
App Logo Search
You can now search and add logos to your authenticator accounts, so it’s easier than ever to find them.

Authy statement on cross-device icon synchronization

We've reached out to Authy to ask about cross-device synchronization of custom logos. So far, it's not available, but the company is hoping to find a solution soon. It's also working on improving the search experience and icon visualization. Read the answer below:

Unfortunately, the synchronization part is kind of a separate feature request. We are aware that this would be the ideal situation and we are currently working towards that, but it is not yet available and we are not able to provide a timeline for this to be introduced. As of now, changes in names and icons made on one device after token addition, need to manually be replicated on all other devices linked to the account. This is very inconvenient, we know, but we hope to find a solution soon.

As per your additional feedback, we have informed our team and they have confirmed they are working on improving the search option and icon visualization. We kindly ask you to bear with us on this final touches.

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