Google finally added a dark theme in Android 10, and developers are taking notice despite the low usage of the latest version. We've seen a few apps like Instagram and Tasker hop on the dark theme bandwagon, and now you can add Shazam to that list. Shazam's UI wasn't quite as blinding as others, but it's still appreciated.

Shazam has been available on Android since the early days (the service even pre-dates Android), and it's gone through various UI redesigns. The current app has a blue interface on the main screen, but it changes to dark gray and black in dark mode. It's much easier on the eyes in a dark room. You can see the dark theme above and an example of the regular look below.

The standard Shazam theme, for reference.

The Shazam developers were good enough to make the dark mode available in the settings even if your phone doesn't have Android 10. The app follows the system theme by default in Android 10, but you can manually pick light or dark as well. On Pie and earlier, you can still choose between the themes or allow it to change based on battery saver.