Motorola's modular smartphone dream may not have panned out the way the company had hoped, but it still produced some pretty novel hardware. The Moto Z3 Play was flatly too expensive at launch, costing $500 — but now, a year later, Motorola is offering it at a very steep discount: $169.99, with a free Moto Mod.

The phone itself is decidedly midrange, with a Snapdragon 636 processor and four gigs of RAM. Its camera is decent for the price, though, and those Moto Mods are a fun novelty. For $180, you get the phone and any of four Mods:

Considering the Mods' prices, it'd be a little silly not to pick the Gamepad or Speaker, but hey, you do you. Choosing the most expensive Mod available, you're saving a total of $260 compared to current normal pricing, making the bundle well over half off. To get this deal, just add the phone and the Mod of your choice to your cart, and the price will adjust automatically.