If you've been meaning into improving your personal listening situation, you might have sought out a few pairs of wireless earbuds for your purchasing consideration. Jabra has a pretty good run with its Elite Active 65t and you can now get manufacturer-refurbished buds at a huge discount.

While you'll still have to charge via Micro-USB, the 65t provide a pretty decent listening experience with IP56 rating — good enough to protect against sweat and weather on your workouts — and a 5-hour power cycle with an extra 10 hours possible with the included charging case.

Jabra is currently selling refurbished units for $80 — $110 off MSRP (which it still maintains for the 65t on most days) and, importantly, $30 off the last best refurb price in July. The company is selling direct to consumers through eBay and you can get at this offer right here.