IFTTT helps you automate many repetitive tasks in your life by connecting online services and smart home devices. This allows you to easily create powerful tasks after you've taken the time to familiarize yourself with the process. As such, IFTTT lives and dies by the number of applets it supports, and we can report both the addition and removal of a vast amount of services since our last roundup in May.

Let's start with the 19 additions:

  • Automate Shades V2: Helps you automate shades depending on weather and enables voice control.
  • BOCCO: You can connect the family robot to Twitter, Google Calendar, and others.
  • BroadLink: Turn on and off appliances from anywhere.
  • D-Link Wi-Fi Router: Lets you remote control your router.
  • GraspIO: A full-stack IoT Suite with a Raspberry Pie add-on board and IoT cloud connectivity.
  • HALO Home: Turn on and off lights automatically.
  • Indego Connect: Connect the smart lawnmower with Assistant, Alexa, and Google Calendar.
  • Lennox iComfort: Smart Thermostat notifications and control options.
  • myUplink: Smart home devices that send notifications when specific conditions are reached.
  • Panasonic Home Navigation: Lets you connect the service to Google Home.
  • Phyn: Detects water leaks and freezes and notifies you.
  • Sensate: Helps you control and monitor the smart relaxing device.
  • SimCam: Triggers smart speakers through face recognition.
  • Skyroam WiFi: Smart Wi-Fi spots that can integrate with services and offer a remappable IFTTT-capable button.
  • TaHoma North America: Somfy's smart home remote app customizable with triggers and actions.
  • ThermoSmart: Notifies you about the state of your thermostat.
  • VeSync Bulb: Automates turning on and off your smart light bulbs.
  • VeSync Dimmer: Automates your light blub-dimming.
  • Welltory: Integrate the smart habit analyzer with other online services like to-do apps.

And here are the 33 removals:

Feel free to test the new services in the IFTTT app.

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