Over the past few days, updates to the Google Play Store broke the changelog menu under My Apps & games. Users noticed that tapping the little arrow next to any app didn't trigger the changelog to appear below it, so they had to dig into the app listing looking for the latest changes brought by each update. Thankfully, that's now fixed with the latest Play Store v17.

The bug showed up with version 16.8 and 16.9 of the Play Store, and although benign, it was inconvenient for anyone who's gotten used to checking the latest changes of all their apps under the same page — expand, read, collapse, done. Now, with version 17, things are back to normal. Tapping the arrow next to apps drops down the changelog, and tapping it again hides it away.

Left: Play Store 16.9, Chrome changelog supposedly expanded but showing nothing. Right: Play Store 17, fixed.

Version 17 of the Play Store is slowly rolling out to users, but if you're anxious for the fix, you can get it directly from APK Mirror.