Over the past months, we've seen most of Google's prominent — and not-so-prominent — apps get updated with dark mode support. One holdout has stuck to its guns though: Maps. The app already has a user-configurable dark theme while navigating, but the rest of the interface remains white. Now, glimpses of a dark mode have popped up in Maps, hopefully hinting at a close release of the theme.

Just like we've seen with the Google search app before, Maps' dark mode pops up in a few places throughout the app. It's mostly visible in some buttons and menus, but it's obviously not yet ready for release. For one, it's incomplete and only affects small parts of the interface, and for two, there is a lot of dark text on dark backgrounds.

The signs are showing up in both Maps Preview and Maps Beta 10.27, but that's all we have now. Hopefully, the new theme isn't too far off and we can all soon enjoy the darkened look that was promised along with Android 10.

So far we've just been looking at these early dustings of dark mode support in Google Maps, where a handful of UI elements pick up dark theming, while we wait for it to spread everywhere. As we look forward to that more complete effort, Google's already offering us a little tease of what to expect, with one of the company's latest Instagram postings — front and center:

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