If you're in the market for a car charger that can quickly top off up to two of your USB PD devices at the same time, consider this Aukey dual 18W charger. Right now you can pick up the adapter for just $12.64 ($10.35 off) by stacking two deals at Amazon.

Aukey isn't as well-known as Anker when it comes to charging products, but its products are generally positively rated on Amazon. The Aukey car charger has two USB Type-C PD ports, each providing 18W of power. It will work with most USB-C devices such as phones, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch console.

Amazon is currently offering a discount on the product in the form of a 15% off click-to-claim coupon that brings down the price by $3.45 to $19.54. Upon entering a separate coupon code (V7JZ4KUG), it's further discounted to just $12.64 ($10.35 off).

You save $3.45 from the 15% off clickable coupon plus another $6.90 with the coupon code (V7JZ4KUG). Total savings: $10.35.

Be aware this charger does not come with a charging cable. If you don't have any spares lying around, you'll have to purchase one or two USB-C to USB-C cables to utilize both ports on the charger.