A good (or even middling) soundbar can really boost your TV viewing experience, and it's all the better if the soundbar also has streaming capabilities like the JBL Link Bar or Roku Smart Soundbar. Roku only announced that streaming soundbar a few weeks back, and now there's a second one. This one is cheaper, and it's being released under the Wallmart Onn brand.

The Onn Roku Smart Soundbar has most of the same features as the previous soundbar including 4K HDR, Bluetooth, HDMI-ARC, Optical audio output, and more. Of course, you get the full Roku software experience via the soundbar. One thing you won't get with the Onn-branded soundbar is Roku's new voice remote. Instead, it only comes with the classic IR remote. This soundbar also tops out at 40W versus 60W on the previous Roku Smart Soundbar.

Roku's new Onn Soundbar will cost $129 at Walmart. That's the same as the subwoofer add-on, which you can also get at Walmart. There's no exact release date available, but Walmart says the devices will be available in the coming weeks.