With Google's October 15 event inching closer, the company keeps discounting its current-gen devices. While we're not expecting to see a Pixel 3a successor this month, Google's budget line is also now seeing a price drop of $50 across Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo. The 3a is going for $350 at these retailers and the 3a XL will set you back $430.

The Pixel 3a line borrows the same highly praised camera from the Pixel 3 and adds a headphone jack to the package while forgoing the glass back for plastic and replacing the Snapdragon 845 with the less capable 670. Still, even starting at $400, the device has always been a great choice for people looking for a clean version of Android with fast updates and one of the best photography experiences in the market without breaking the bank. With $50 off, this is even truer.

Mind you, Amazon only discounts the black versions of the phones, the other colors are still going for the regular price. B&H Photo and Best Buy sell all variants $50 off, so if you prefer 'Clearly White' or 'Purple-ish' over 'Just Black,' you should go for either of these retailers. When you activate the phone with a carrier on Best Buy right away, you can even get it starting at $300.