Accidents happen, and sometimes there just isn't room in the budget to pick up a new phone when the old one faceplants onto the sidewalk. If your spare is still running Froyo and the cracked glass isn't splintering off into your fingers (yet), you might decide to stick with the dinged-up device — at least, for a while. Whether you're waiting on an insurance claim or a good deal, are you using a phone that is broken, cracked, or damaged in some way?

The idea for today's poll comes courtesy of AP's own Jules Wang, whose primary phone (a Pixel 3a, pictured above) took a spill not too long ago. As he waited for an insurance claim to process, he was stuck using it for a while, broken glass and all. As someone who hasn't broken a phone in nearly a decade, seeing the beaten-up phone in my coworker's hands at a recent outing struck me as curious.

It isn't often that one of us at AP breaks a device, and if we do, we usually have something at least somewhat recent to fall back on, given the number of phones we buy for work. Not everyone has a spare in a drawer somewhere, though, and sometimes you're stuck using a phone with a chipped or cracked screen waiting for on a repair, a balanced budget, or even just the time to do something about it.

Is the phone you're using right now physically broken in some way? Select all that apply.

Is your current phone physically damaged in any way?

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