We're just over a week out from Google's fall hardware launch and, for bargain hunters, that means it's time to search out some opportunities. So, if you want a Pixel 3 for a fair price, you might want to consider looking at this Rakuten deal for a 128GB unit.

Is a Pixel 3 still a good purchase a year after release? Well, Google's still due to give it two more years of software updates and it's a great all-around performer when it comes to the camera, the overall experience, and the little Google features that make it special. And for the price you pay these days, you shouldn't fear FOMO about the Pixel 4 phones.

Speaking of price, we'll note that the Google Store is selling the Pixel 3 right now for a minimum of $499. By default, BuySPRY (via Rakuten) is selling 128GB units for a discounted price of $520. But if you've got a Rakuten account — you'll need one to be able to use coupon codes on checkout — and enter "BUY80" as a coupon, you'll see that price come down to $440 (minus applicable taxes). That price is better than our last recorded deal at the end of August by $20 and even better than some 64GB Pixel 3 offers right now. Do note that this device is meant for international markets and will really only work with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, though.