Over the years, U.S. carriers have steadily taken greater interest in the Pixel series. The first Made by Google phone launched as a Verizon exclusive in 2016, followed up by Sprint and T-Mobile penning their own deals in early 2019 with the Pixel 3. Now there are rumors that AT&T is finally ready to offer Google's incoming Pixel 4.

Up until this point, AT&T customers who wanted to use a Pixel phone had to purchase an unlocked device and insert their SIM cards manually — a minor nuisance for some but a massive hurdle for others. However, if a recent leak about carrier plans for the Pixel 4 and 4XL is true, AT&T customers will have new purchase options for their beloved Google phones this fall.

Based on an alleged leaked internal memo, AT&T will begin to issue "seed" Pixel 4 devices to U.S. stores so that a designated representative at each location can use the handset as their daily driver. The idea is for these individuals to become dedicated Pixel experts, giving them the knowledge and experience to assist future buyers who may be interested in the the Pixel lineup.

AT&T currently offers an Installment Plan that lets users pay for their devices over the course of 30 months at a 0% interest rate. Assuming AT&T does get the Pixel 4, customers on the Next Up program will be able to trade in their current phone for a new Pixel, as long as their present device is 50% paid off. AT&T customers will also have the option to purchase an unlocked Pixel 4 through the Google Store, just as they always have.

To catch up on all the news circulating around Google's inbound phone, check out our complete coverage here. The Pixel 4 is expected to take center stage at Made by Google in less than two weeks.