Whether the Google Seattle team is just saddened by the loss of a few dear old services or in the mood for a spooky Halloween season is up for debate, but on its campus, a cemetery of old, dead Google products has popped up. Rather than induce shivers of fear in onlookers, it probably triggers nostalgia and sadness.

In a grim celebration of sorts, there are logos of Google products carved into a collection of gravestones sitting in front of the main lobby of Seattle's Fremont campus, all of which revolve around Google Plus. Google Wave, Reader, Buzz, Orkut, and Picasa were supposed to be rolled into Google's social network, but we all know how things turned out. Only Picasa survived as Google Photos in a way. Among all killed services, Reader's death probably still leaves the sourest taste for many since it's still considered the ne plus ultra of RSS feed services.

Personally, I miss Inbox by Gmail the most, but it's not included in Seattle's cemetery. Even though the company introduced a few of its features to Gmail, I'd still love to see a replacement for the automated labels and the pristine organization provided by Inbox. And since we're talking about services missing from the Seattle graveyard, head over to the fan-made Google Cemetery website which has collected a total of 163 digital gravestones for all the products Google killed over the course of its 21 years of existence.