Within a few months of withdrawing topic bubbles from the Discover feed, Google has reintroduced similar elements for some of its search app users as part of a server-side test. Only this time, the bubbles serve a different purpose and are actually helpful.

The colorful bubbles appear under the search bar.

Some of our readers recently noticed that the Google app got three new pill-shaped buttons placed right below the search bar. Each of these varicolored bubbles takes you to a different tutorial video to help you get started with the search app. For example, the first one gives you a step-by-step guide to perform a search query, as shown in the screenshots below. Similarly, the second bubble gives a lesson on the Assistant’s use while the third one simply encourages you to find topics of interest within the Discover feed.

Step-by-step tutorial for a Google search.

These tutorials might seem unnecessary for most, but they tend to be useful particularly for users in emerging markets where the transition from feature phones to smartphones is still underway. This test appears limited to such regions for now, but its scope could be widened in the coming weeks.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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