After introducing what seems like a boatload of new products at IFA 2019 last month, Garmin is introducing two more: the Legacy Saga Star Wars-themed smartwatches. Predictably, one watch represents the "Light" side and the other the "Dark" side of the Force. Although both watches belong to the same Saga series, there are some important differences.

The "Rey" Legacy Saga watch, which represents the Jedi, is naturally presented with a bright paint job. In addition to having a Jedi insignia and a silver stainless steel bezel, the rear case of the watch is emblazoned with Rey's "Nothing's impossible" quote. It comes with a white leather and a white silicone band.

Representing the Dark Side of the Force is the "Darth Vader" Sith watch. Besides being bigger than the "Rey" watch (45mm vs 40mm), it looks more ominous with its black and red color scheme. Its slate bezel is stainless steel, too, and the case has the Sith Lord's "Rule the galaxy" quote. It also comes with two straps: one black leather and one black silicone.

Besides the obvious disparity between the size and color scheme, there are a few more differences that set the watches apart. The "Rey" watch has a smaller 1.1-inch diameter display (218 x 218 pixels), uses 18mm quick release bands, is 12.7mm thick, weighs 40.0 g, and its battery life is rated for up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and up to 5 hours in GPS mode with music. The "Darth Vader" watch has a slighter bigger 1.3-inch diameter display (260 x 260 pixels), uses 22mm quick release bands, is 12.8mm thick, weighs 50.5 g, and its battery life is rated for up to 8 days in smartwatch mode and up to 6 hours in GPS mode with music.

For everything else, both watches share the same feature set such as smart notifications, music playback control, Garmin Pay, fitness tracking, health tracking, GPS, and access to the Garmin Connect IQ Store. Even their prices are the same at $399.99.

These watches aren't available yet but are expected within three to five weeks. To be one of the first ones to rock these watches, go to Garmin's site for the "Rey" and "Darth Vader" models and sign up for email notification.