A recent leak showed the Pixel 4 XL from all its angles along with some of its notable aspects like the 90Hz Smooth Display and new face unlocking hardware. Now, a noted tipster, Evan Blass, has posted a couple of press images of the two 2019 Google flagships that add little to the already available information.

In two consecutive tweets, Blass shared press shots of the unannounced Pixel 4 and 4 XL. These photos aren’t to scale and make it rather difficult to identify the exact model when their size difference alone is considered — the device with a white back is actually the Pixel 4 XL. Both display their announcement date and time, and have the same wallpaper applied that doesn’t let you forget their name.

A few months ago, Google confirmed the presence of a Soli radar sensor in the top bezel that helps in hands-free gesture control. That broad forehead is also said to include a face recognition system akin to Apple’s implementation. Finally, Google’s fourth Pixel flagship will make the switch to a dual-camera setup that’ll be housed inside a square bump on its back.

Oh So Orange

Evan Blass has shared another render of the Pixel 4 XL in the coveted "Oh So Orange" color. I think Google nailed the color tone here: it's not too tame but not blindingly vibrant.

More angles

If these renders weren't enough for you and you'd rather see the Pixel 4 from even more angles, Max Weinbach has got you covered. You'll find the panda white Pixel 4 with its orange power button below as well as a render showing the new Assistant.