Last year, a fresh new look for the Google Account page buried in Settings on most Android phones rolled out, bringing with it a new centered layout and updated fonts. More recently, we've received a few reports that the even more basic "Google" section in Settings is being updated to match it. Although we don't all see the new design, it appears to be in testing or rolling out as we speak.

Settings -> Google before (left) and with the new design (right).

The new design for the Google section of Settings (Settings -> Google) more closely matches the Google Account sub-menu (Settings -> Google -> Google Account/Manage your Google Account). (It's confusing that one is a sub-section of the other, I know. At least they look similar now.) In addition to the new centered header with your account's avatar and email address, the header also does the same slide-to-the-corner animation when scrolling that it does in the Account menu.

On top of the aesthetic differences, the individual services listed have also been changed. The new menu has fewer total items in it: just eleven by our count, down from 20  (though that number varies based on your apps/devices).

Although I don't have both of the layouts side-by-side to dig through changes in the menu (none of my phones has the new layout just yet), the new names sound like they should contain much of the same options distributed through the new sections, though we aren't sure precisely where some bits like "Cast media controls" or "Google Fit" may have been moved to in the consolidated list.

The new header in the Google section of settings (left) looks similar to the one in the Google Account section (right) in last year's redesign.

We aren't sure if this change is in limited testing or in the process of rolling out, nor are we sure for how long it's been available. On at least one of the devices we checked, the new layout landed mid-check, so it does seem like it's rolling out in some capacity, though probably as a result of a server-side flag.

As always with Google's extensive layout tests, your mileage may vary.

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