With fall officially here, you're going to be using a lot more energy to keep your home warm. If you run on gas, that means more opportunities for a leak or fire to threaten your household. Keep you and your loved ones safe this cold season with today's deal on a two-pack of battery-powered Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for $190 ($48 off) from The Home Depot.

Unlike basic detectors that only sniff for smoke or just scan for carbon monoxide, the Nest Protect is a two-in-one solution that continuously scans your home for traces of harmful smoke or deadly carbon monoxide.

Nest Protect connects directly to the Nest app on your Android or iOS phone, giving you complete control over your devices. With just a few swipes, you can view active notifications, check the status of your detectors, silence a triggered detector, and even pinpoint the location and cause of an alert. Nest Protect also includes split-spectrum sensors to detect how fast a fire is burning and a path light to help you see in your home when the lights are off.

This deal on two Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is available only for today.