If you're looking to lose weight, visualizing data is a great advantage; seeing that, despite daily fluctuations, you're still on track can be highly motivating. Smart scales save you the hassle of manually tracking numbers and creating your own graphs. That may not seem like a luxury worth paying much money for, but Eufy's Smart Scale is pretty much an impulse buy at its current sale price.

The scale tracks not only weight, but also body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight, and 10 other stats. The majority are approximate — accurately testing these things requires serious equipment — but repeated weigh-ins will still produce a useful trend line. The companion app is nice, too, and it syncs with Google Fit.

Normally $45, you can pick the Smart Scale for just $30 right now on Amazon. You'd probably spend more on a similarly nice-looking dumb scale. Hit the links below to check out the scale and its app.