Arlo's security cameras are some of the best around, but they're also some of the most expensive: a three-pack of Arlo Ultra 4K cameras along with the required base station normally costs an eye-watering $800. You can save almost a hundred bucks on the kit today on Amazon, though.

Your $700 and change will net you three Arlo Ultra cameras, capable of recording a 180-degree field of view in 4K, day or night. They're also equipped with spotlights and sirens for warding off intruders. The cameras are wireless — ideal for mounting where you can't or don't want to run cables — and you'll only need to charge their batteries about once a month to keep them active. You can read Ryan's full review to learn more.

At $708.48, you're saving $91.51 off the sticker price. There's no getting around that still being a significant investment, but those 90 dollars you're not spending here could probably do a lot of good somewhere else (or just buy you a really nice meal). Mosey over to Amazon to secure a set for your home.