Lenovo's lineup of smart displays are some of the most popular Assistant-powered screens, but no product is perfect. Some owners are experiencing a bug that locks their smart displays in a loop while updating, but Google is already working on a fix.

Social media and Lenovo support forums are filling up with reports of Smart Displays being stuck in a loop while updating. In most cases, an update will fail to complete (usually getting stuck at 45%, for whatever reason), the unit will reboot, and the update will start again.

Some have reported luck with resetting the display from the Google Home app and completing setup without changing any default options, while others said that their display finally broke out of the loop after a few days. Lenovo says the bug has been "classified as a top priority and Google [is] on it."

"Just checking in with you guys to let you know that the issue has been classified as top priority and Google are on it. For the time being the only course of action is to wait for the team to roll out a fix, I apologize about the inconvenience and hope that this is sorted out as soon as possible. Please make sure to leave your device plugged in and to avoid resetting or unplugging as this might delay incoming fix."

Let's hope the update comes quickly, but hey, at least it's not an LG device getting stuck in a loop this time.

Lenovo says the bug should be fixed now.

The loop has been resolved across all locales and devices.

Please note that your devices will now be receiving a software update, no additional actions required from you guys as it will install automatically. Please make sure your device is plugged in so that you can receive the update.

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