Android TV has been around for a few years at this point, and there are ample video streaming options. However, we've somehow limped along without a Yahoo app until now. Outrageous! The nightmare is finally over with the launch of Yahoo's Android TV client. Joking aside, Yahoo produces a lot of video, and you might want to watch some of it on your TV.

The Yahoo app, technically "Yahoo: Sports, Finance & News," lets you follow topics like your favorite sportsball squad, companies, and celebrities. There's a general featured video section, as well as the customized "Following" section. The app pulls content from a plethora of Yahoo and Yahoo-adjacent properties including The Bounce, Daytime Now, Skullduggery TV, and HuffPost.

Because of the nature of video licensing, it appears the Yahoo app is only available in the US. There might be a few others, but we can only confirm that one. If it's not listed as available on your particular Android TV device, you can try grabbing the app from APK Mirror.